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In this special Video and Report you will learn the following:

    • What a MoneySite is (2 minute mark)
    • How to save $1,364.62 on your Taxes (3 minute mark)
    • How to start a Hobby Business (6 minute mark)
    • How to Change your Perception of Prosperity (11 minute mark)
    • How to Build $3,000 Websites for Other People (14 minute mark)
    • How not to Own a Business (15 minute mark)
    • The 5 Types of Passive Income (16 minute mark)
    • How Content Websites are the Passive Income Perfect Storm (17 minute mark)
    • How Not to build a Content Website (19 minute mark)
    • How Content Websites Make Money (22 minute mark)
    • How I have grown to over 5 Million Visits (23 minute mark)
    • Case Studies of Money Making Websites (24 minute mark)
    • What is a Million Dollar Website (26 minute mark)
    • How to Value your Money Making Website (27 minute mark)
    • Where to Sell and Cash-Out your Website (29 minute mark)
    • The Timeline to Growing your Money Making Website (31 minute mark)
    • How Much Time It Takes 35:00 (33 minute mark)
    • How to Stop being in the bottom 99 Per Cent Income Earners
    • How to trade your knowledge for dollars (37 minute mark)
    • The Roadmap from Zero to Money Making Website (39 minute mark)
    • The Gameplan for Building Value Quickly (40 minute mark)
    • Step by Step Departments of Development of Content Website Businesses (44 minute mark)
    • Common Mistakes of Newbie Bloggers (47 minute mark)
    • The Job of the Future and the Biggest Industry EVER (52 minute mark)